Thursday, March 24, 2011

While this blog is meant to display fun children’s parties and related ideas, I love anything related to entertaining and wanted to share this list I found of Top Ten Tips for Party Hostesses. I did some paraphrasing, but found this list of great tips here.

10. Make a list – check it twice!
Worst feeling in the world is being five minutes away from the start of the party and realizing you forgot to get that extra package of cutlery you know you’ll need.
9. Prep the food.
The more you have done before the guests arrive, the better.
8. Don’t play the bartender.
Another way to keep you free to mingle with your guests. Consider hiring someone to come and fix drinks for your guests throughout your event. Or allow the guests to serve themselves!
7. Make introductions.
Everyone isn’t as outgoing as one of my best friends, who can easily spark up a conversation with any stranger. You can introduce each guest as they arrive, or introduce each guest to a small group of partygoers with similar interests/backgrounds.
6. Get the party started.
Find some way to entertain your guests whether its music, games, or even some form of live entertainment.
5. Accommodate everyone.
Try to have something for everyone. If you plan to serve alcohol at the party, consider having non-alcoholic drinks and water readily available as well. Maybe you have a guest who is a vegetarian and wont touch the sliders you spent hours putting together.
4. Set the stage.
Ensure the setup and décor of the party space encourages the action you want to take place at your party. Want people to dance? Make sure there’s enough free space available.
3. Check in with your guests.
Don’t let “Hiiiii” and “Thanks for coming!” be the only conversation you have with your guests.
2. Mix and mingle.
Everyone who came to the party is there because of YOU. Make sure you allow plenty of time to interact with your guests.
1. Give a gift
Let your guests leave the party with a little something to remember the event by. It doesn't have to be anything expensive. One great idea is a cd full of songs related to the theme of the event.


  1. Some fantastic ideas there. I especially love the catering for everyone - my husband has coeliac disease and the amount of parties we go to that are catered often have wheat and gluten in all their food and so he ends up starving.