Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two Posts In ONE Day?!

..... YES WAY!

Gotta represent for the East Coast ladies! We're part of a pretty amazing challenge right now, designing a children's NYE tablescape to benefit Project Night Night, an organization providing books, blankets, and stuffed animals to homeless children.



I have to admit .... between raising a two year old, working a full time job, taking two classes, and everything else that comes along in life I haven't been putting as much effort into my company as I should have. But lately, several things have been going on to motivate me to work a little harder, and definitely a little faster. The first would be a class I'm taking on completing a business plan. It's more work than I initially thought, but SO NECESSARY for someone like me, who apparently HAS NOT done enough of her "homework" before getting started. I really need to study the market, my competition, and work on pricing so that I'm competitive with other planners, but still making enough of a profit for it all to make sense. The second push comes from a new exciting network of people like me who LOVE planning parties for children. There's nothing like being surrounded by successful, inspiring people who are supportive and encouraging. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Children's Party Network, and I am SO excited to be a part of it!

With all that said, I've ready to make some major changes - first starting with a business name that reflects who I am a little more than the name I use now. As soon as I get the letter saying that the name has been registered to me, then I'll share the news! Keep your fingers crossed for me until then!

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