Friday, December 3, 2010

LOVE this time of year!

I love almost everything about this year - holiday music, holiday parties, continuing family traditions, all the great sales .... lol. I think the only thing I dont love about this time of year is the weather. I hate waking up to frozen windshields and icy roads! But I digress - I wanted to do a couple of posts this month relating to my favorite things about the holidays. Lets start with Christmas tree ornaments. I scoured the internet to find some of the ornaments I'd love to have hanging from my tree!

No longer will you only find these creatures under the sea! Find them at Pier1

Oh NO SHE DIDNT complain about the weather and then choose a sno-cone?!

Lol yep I did. & I'll take one of these!

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE video games? Well, mainly Super Mario. Check this guy out. On sale at Amazon for $14.99.

I love ANYTHING Sex and The City. On sale here for $49.99 for the set of 4.

Have yourself ... a Couture Christmas! Love the bling!

Is there any other word for this ornament besides .... YUM?

Ok I'm done. Maybe next I'll tackle the stockings!

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